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Status: June 2024

SOBACO Banking Platform


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SOBACO Solutions ensures stable and secure IT operations for small to medium-sized banks, asset managers and financial service providers. Every day, our operations specialists maintain, update and monitor all of the banking systems and peripherals that are used in your business. Our business consultants are constantly adding new innovative solutions to our complete solution platforms and helping new clients migrate to our solutions.

Banks, asset managers and financial service providers have been relying on our professional operating, consulting and project services for some 40 years. We work with you as equal partners to design and implement your IT projects, introducing new products and services and optimizing your processes through to and including go-live and subsequent operation. We develop innovative ideas and advise you on implementing them. Our experience, methodical approach, structured processes and efficient implementation allow us to carry out your projects in a competent and focused manner through to a successful conclusion. You benefit from lean processes and a high degree of project security, professional support and targeted utilization of our expertise, all with maximum cost transparency. Projects transition seamlessly into production, where our operations specialists continue to support you. In this way, the existing and accumulated knowledge is preserved and you also have access to our competence centers at all times.

Digitalization and the fourth industrial revolution are constantly throwing up new challenges for banks, wealth managers and financial service providers. New market participants, fintech and innovative IT solutions such as blockchain are disrupting existing areas of business. We monitor these developments closely to identify changes, consequences and new areas of business for our clients. We serve each of our client segments with a core solution, complemented with optimized systems to create a complete solution platform. This architecture allows us to respond quickly and directly to needs, innovations and changes in the market. Where necessary, we can introduce new systems into the complete solution quickly, or design and develop them in line with our clients’ requirements. This approach enables us to ensure highly stable operations, secure data and data protection for all of the ASP services that you outsource to us.

SOBACO Solutions Ltd is part of the SOBACO Group. 

Our milestones: from the beginnings until today


SOBACO Informatik Ltd is founded for the development of the PENTA banking system.


Worldwide launch of SOBACO's own core banking system PENTA at Bankers Trust.


Start of operations of the APS/BPO outsourcing provider BALTOS with around 900 users based on PENTA.


Foundation of PriBaSys AG as IT and ASP outsourcer for banks.


Acquisition of BPO provider OUTFITS to add banking services to existing IT services.


Strategic refocusing on IT services and abandonment of further development of the company's own core banking system PENTA/eVEGA


Takeover of the companies SOBACO Solutions/Services Ltd with 14 employees in a management buyout by Peter Haist


SOBACO Holding Ltd takes over the majority stake in SOBACO Betax Ltd (formerly Betax Systems GmbH). Betax ASP services are integrated into SOBACO Solutions Ltd 


SOBACO Holding Ltd takes over the majority stake in InCore Bank Ltd. The InCore ASP services are integrated into SOBACO Solutions Ltd. 


All Swiss SOBACO companies move into new offices in Schlieren. Merger by absorption of SOBACO Services Ltd into SOBACO Solutions Ltd.