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Absorption merger of SOBACO Services AG into SOBACO Solutions AG

At a special shareholders meeting held on 30 October 2018 the shareholders of the two companies approved the merger of SOBACO Services AG by absorption into SOBACO Solutions AG. The merger will be effective retroactively as of 1 July 2018 and has now been completed upon the corresponding record in the commercial register on 6 November 2018.

The companies decided to merge solely for practical considerations. They had been separately managed due to historical reasons. But the two companies have had the same primary shareholder, the same BoD and the same CEO in recent years. There was already a large degree of integration after moving into the new offices in Schlieren at Wiesenstrasse 15 and by virtue of shared utilisation of the various Group functions. The companies were run separately solely on the administrative level. The merger will afford substantial streamlining of many internal processes. The existing management boards of the two companies will be united through the merger, comprised of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Peter Haist, Chief Solutions Officer (CSO) Stefan Breiter and Chief Operating Officer (COO) Urs Walde.

Now you will find us under the name:

SOBACO Solutions AG

The existing telephone numbers and e-mail addresses will remain unchanged until further notice.


We look forward to continuing our close, constructive partnership.


If you need more information, we are available to help you at any time. Don’t hesitate to contact us on +41 44 355 11 11 / info(at)

SOBACO Solutions AG
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